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Mako Total Knee. A distinct, prospective, consecutive series, single-surgeon study comparing patients undergoing conventional jig-based total knee replacement versus Mako Total Knee surgery (40 patients) concluded that Mako Total Knee with Triathlon was associated with: Less need for opiate analgesics (p. With a firmware update, Allied Vision extends the feature set of the Mako G cameras equipped with Sony Pregius CMOS sensor. The Mako G-040, Mako G-158, Mako G-234, Mako G-319as well as Mako G-507 now support IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) support and action commands for triggering the camera via the Ethernet connection (ToE). Mako Systems, Inc. Comes to the table with over ten years of designing fire, security, gate and fencing systems and closed circuit camera systems. At Mako Systems, your security is our priority.

with original Healthways box
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The Mako Shark is a basic underwater camera designed in the 1950s by Jordan Klein[1] and later marketed by fitness- and dive-equipment supplier Healthways. The body is made from a bakelite-like plastic, and the squat cylindrical shape allows the back to be screwed into place with a waterproof seal.

Versions exist with or without front-panel contacts for flash sync[2] and the color may be gray or black, with red accents. The camera's optics, shutter, and film-holder are taken from a Kodak Brownie Hawkeye camera[3] meaning the Mako Shark is also a fixed focus camera using 620 film.

This camera design was reworked into the Nemrod Siluro, which was manufactured in the 1960s in Spain.


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Version with flash sync contacts
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image by Don Henderson
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Allied Vision Camera Software

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Here you can download documents for Mako G cameras.

Data sheets and brochure

  • Mako G Data Sheet G-030 (PDF) (Discontinued)
  • Mako G Data Sheet G-050 (PDF) (Discontinued)
  • Mako G Data Sheet G-095 (PDF) (Discontinued)
  • Mako G Data Sheet G-223B NIR (PDF) (Discontinued)

Camera installation, technical manual, and features

  • Mako G QuickStart Guide V1.0.0The QuickStart Guide is available in 12 languages including Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Spanish, and Swedish.
  • Mako G Technical Manual V4.4.5Find camera-specific information in the technical manual. See the Installation and hardware chapter for information on connecting your camera to a host computer.
  • GigE Features Reference V5.5.0General overview of Allied Vision GigE camera and driver features – for Vimba users
  • Camera and Driver AttributesGeneral overview of Allied Vision GigE camera and driver attributes – for PvAPI users

Additional documents

Allied Vision Vimba

  • Modular Concept External V11.9.0 2021-Jan-01Find out which options are available for your Allied Vision camera

3D CAD files (STEP)

Please right-click the link of a 3D camera model and select save as to download the file. After downloading, unzip the STEP file. You need a 3D CAD viewer application to view and measure the STEP files. Download a STEP viewer free of charge:

Mako Cameras

Software and firmware

Vimba is our current future-proof SDK.

Other SDKs and tools are available on our Software downloads webpage.


Uv Machine Vision Camera

GigE camera firmware is available on our Firmware webpage.